System reliability

Storage at the prefabrication facility

Prefabrication of the track base plates at an off-site production facility increases the reliability of the construction quality and execution schedule. Mistakes on-site are kept to a minimum by using track base plates which are precast under laboratory conditions:

  • Prefabrication is done independent of weather conditions
  • Base plates can be produced 24/7 regardless of noise emissions restrictions due to neighboring area or possible natural reserves near the construction site.
  • Each base track plate is inspected at the production facility to ensure highest quality and make sure that it meets the required precision. Should there be an issue with a plate, it is detected right at the production facility. This is handled right the facility so that only t manage Such a plate is  before the p and Defective produced plates can be replaced or repaired in advance, independent of a critical path on the site 
  • Curing is an integral part of the prefabrication process. The areas exposed to air on site are reduced to a minimum.
  • Concrete for concreting works done at the construction site is delivered to the site via standard routes.   If not produced anyhow within the area of the prefabrication plant, concrete is transported on standard routes. The logistic can be planned better than on a constantly moving construction site. As a consequence the productivity and concrete quality are increased.
  • Prefabrication of the base track plates allows some lead time before the actual on-site construction begins.

The long life cycle, low maintenance requirements and the possibility of very quick repair, if necessary increase the reliability of the system during the operations as well.