Maintenance and life time

After the initial installation investment, hardly any additional cost expanse for the slab track system is needed (except non-system related costs such as regular track inspection, rail grinding, etc.). Due to the better track alignment, the rail has a longer life time by using Slab Track Austria.
Estimated life time for Slab Track Austria is at least 60 years and therefore much longer than ballasted track systems with 30-40 years. Compared to other slab track systems using bituminous separation layers (such as the Shinkansen), Slab Track Austria’s elastomer components have additionally the advantage to have a better resistance against extreme high and low temperatures and UV light.
The following chart illustrates the Life Cycle Costs of Slab Track Austria compared to a conventional ballasted system. After about 20 years, the cost of construction and maintenance of the ballast track is significantly higher than that of Slab Track Austria.