Application areas

  • High speed line Vienna – St Pölten Lupe
  • High speed line Vienna – St Pölten Lupe

Slab Track Austria system can be applied in a variety of situations thanks to its highly modular and highly flexible features. It has been used on projects in tunnels, on bridges or viaducts, and on open sections.
Whether the project requires high noise and vibration attenuation, steep curves and challenging superelevation, in an urban, rural or remote environment, Slab Track Austria by Porr can meet all these requirements.

Slab Track Austria is especially advantageous when used on bridges and in tunnels because of its very sleek panel. The total weight is comparatively low, thus keeping the dead load on the bridge to a minimum. The low height of 43 cm and the additional possibility to reduce the panel width to 2.1 meters makes it the perfect solution in tunnels where clearance space is of vital importance. Slab Track Austria was used as the solution for Tauern tunnel and Arlberg tunnel rehabilitation in Austria to lower the track in order to obtain a bigger clearance, thus significantly cutting costs by eliminating the need to extend the tunnel profile.
Slab Track Austria has been tested and used in Germany and Austria for operating speed over 300 km/h. Test results have shown that the system is suitable for speed of at least V = 350 km/h. In Germany, the system has been authorized permit for high speed lines without speed limitations.