Slab Track Austria System description

  • Track Base Plate Lupe
  • Cross section of the track base plate Lupe

Slab Track Austria is a state-of-the-art technology which consists of a modular and adaptable slab track system which can meet the highest requirements of trailblazing railroad construction and enable a smooth ride for rail passengers of the future.
The main element of the Slab Track Austria (or ÖBB–PORR) system is an elastically supported 5.2m x 2.4m track base plate, built on a solid or low-subsidence base structure such as, for example, a tunnel, bridge, a hydraulically bonded base layer or a (heavy) mass spring system. 
The track base plate is an un-tensioned reinforced precast slab with integrated rail support seats. The bottom of the panel as well as the tapered openings are covered with an elastomeric layer which provides the panel and the track with double-layered elasticity, reduction in the vibrations or structural-borne noise, and decoupling from its structural supports which enables a quick and easy repair should that become necessary. 
A joint width of 40 mm separates two panels to compensate for any deformations caused by environmental influences such as creeping, shrinking and temperature-caused movements. The joint also provides space for drainage or cable-crossing supplies. 
The track base plates are supported and fixed on a thin base layer constructed from self-compacting concrete (SCC). By using this type of concrete, homogeneous setting is achieved and it is not necessary to vibrate the concrete. Thus, disturbances of the final track alignment are reduced to a minimum and highly precise alignment of the track achieved. As the concrete hardens the tapered openings work as anchors, and vertically and horizontally lock the panel in place. As a rule the system height from the top of the substructure to the upper edge of the track is ≥ 43 cm. 
Unlike sleeper systems, track base plates can provide openings in the track, for example for revision and bearing shafts wherever needed.
The Slab Track Austria system has been tested and has proven itself with Vossloh and Schwihag fastenings, but it can also accommodate other fastening products (e.g. Pandrol).