Slab Track Austria

  • Berlin railway station Lupe
  • Berlin railway station Lupe

Slab Track Austria – A proven track record

Faster, safer and longer-lasting – today’s high-speed track must meet these requirements. The demand for high-speed train connections has been increasing for years.
The railway superstructure systems have to meet the requirements to enable travelling at speeds up to 360 km/h. These are exactly the criteria that Slab Track Austria, with elastically supported slab as its key element, is able to meet.
As train travel continues gaining momentum, a modern, high-speed railroad network is a must. With its Slab Track Austria, PORR can take you on a train journey into the future.
The ballastless track system developed by PORR and ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) has become the standard slab track construction in Austria since 1995 and is being used for the construction of the currently longest railway project in Germany, VDE 8 (Verkehrsprojekt der Deutschen Einheit 8), connecting Berlin and Munich. It has enabled millions of passengers to reach their destination on a smooth, reliable, and comfortable ride on the PORR-constructed track.
PORR’s state-of-the-art slab track technology, with its carefully designed components has a proven track record. Perhaps the highest test that the Slab Track Austria system has passed is the fact that ever since 1989, when the first sections of ÖBB/Porr slab track were built up, until today there has never been required a panel replacement due to a failure of the slab track system. It comes as close as possible to a maintenance-free track. The estimated life cycle is at least 60 years.