Train travel is bound to become a more significant means of transport whether for commuting to work, or to enable passengers around the globe to travel for business, pleasure or family.
Speed, comfort, safety and reliability thus play a major role in future transportation. In order to enable the trains to travel at high speeds while maintaining a high degree of comfort, investments in railway/railroad infrastructure are becoming paramount.
By choosing Slab Track Austria, you have found the right partner for construction of the trailblazing railway.
Furthermore, with its Slab Track Austria, PORR can provide superior railway reconstruction and modernization solutions.
Services we offer:

  • All in one solution
    Concept, design, construction and final works
  • R&D
    New developments and system adjustments
  • Consulting
    Application of Slab Track Austria and cost-effective decision-making
  • Design
    Concept, execution and as-built design
  • Production
    Production and delivery of Base Track Plates based on project specification
  • Construction
    Quality and High performance through our experienced teams
  • Supervision
    Quality control, documentation and management
  • Technology Transfer and License Agreements
    Supporting General Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers to implement Slab Track