Porr wins an ÖBB Contract worth 9.8 Million Euro to Build Slab Track Bypass
Construction works on the freight train slab track bypass St. Pölten begin in March 2015

System ÖBB-Porr with accessibility for tire-wheeled vehicles in Wienerwald Tunnel, built in 2010/2011. Trains travel at the speed of 250 km/h on this section of the Westbahn line.

Railway Department of Porr Bau GmbH is building another stretch of slab track in Austria. With Porr lead, a total of 7,394.80 m is being built using ÖBB-Porr, the elastically supported slab.

The construction works commissioned by ÖBB, the Austrian Federal Railways, begin in early March 2015. Upon the completion of the project, slab track through Pummersdorfer Tunnel, section GUM 6.2, closing the gap for freight trains St. Pölten – Loosdorf. The Wien-St. Pölten section of the Westbahn railway line currently runs through the urban area of St. Pölten. The freight train bypass through the Pummersdorfer Tunnel shall enable rerouting of freight trains to relieve railway station St. Pölten from transit traffic and cargo trains. 

The following superstructure works shall be executed as part of this ÖBB contract in the amount of 9.8 Million Euro:

·        Construction of slab track with accessibility for tire-wheeled vehicles

·        Mass Spring System 

·        Construction of the pipeline for fire-extinguishing water  

·         Noise protection measures (portal damping)

The double tracks through Pummersdorfer Tunnel shall be constructed with 3.697,40 m per track.


Slab Track Austria, also known as ÖBB-Porr is a standard system for projects with Austrian Federal Railways.   

Porr has built the following slab track sections as part of the railway line from Vienna to St. Pölten:

Lainzer Tunnel                           2010                 18,075 m

Wienerwald Tunnel                     2010/2011         26,406 m

Tullnerfeld Section 10.3             2010/2011         12,285 m

Perschlingtal Setion 7,               2009/2010         12,285 m

Knoten Wagram,                       2003                   2,870 m


To find out more about Slab Track Austria, please follow this link http://www.slabtrackaustria.com/index.php?id=5121&L=0