VDE 8.2 Track Construction Completed on Time

PORR completed the construction of some 100 kilometers of dual-track railway line of the VDE 8.2. high-speed railway project connecting Erfurt with Leipzig and Halle, reaching this important milestone on time.


Dignitaries from the Deutsche Bahn and the German states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt celebrated this important event on 25 November.


PORR’s renowned Slab Track Austria system consisting of prefabricated concrete panels was used for the construction of 200 kilometers of track. 34000 panels, produced locally in Thuringia and delivered to the construction site based on just-in-time principle, were used for the construction of the track in three tunnels, six viaducts and in open section. 


Six months of test drives will follow the completion of the track work before trains carrying passengers and freight begin operations scheduled for December 2015.



Slab Track Austria is a proven system with an estimated life cycle of over 60 years. Some of the major benefits of PORR’s system are the fact that hardly any maintenance is required, high precision of the track is achieved which enables a smooth train ride, favorable lower levels of noise and vibration, and outstanding reliability. Slab Track Austria system has been maintenance-free in operation for 24 years.  Installation process is fast and a well-thought out repair and replacement concept enables quick fixes in case of derailment and adjustment in case of settlement.