Porr and Abetong prepare for High Speed in Sweden

Joining Swedish and international experience and technology of Abetong and Porr brings added value for the new high speed railway lines in Sweden.

Porr Bau GmbH and Abetong AB are excited to announce the cooperation between PORR and Abetong for high speed projects in Sweden.

The upcoming high-speed railway projects pose challenges for the industry and the client, Trafikverket. These projects require know-how, experience, and a large amount of resources, which will be difficult for single companies to meet by themselves. Companies working together will bring added value implementing the best solutions for the Swedish market.  Therefore cooperation between Porr and Abetong in Sweden provides perfect synergy that brings the latest and proven technology from Porr and the local expertise and experience from Abetong together.

We are looking forward to our working together on developing and implementing the best solutions that meet and exceed the requirements of the high-speed projects in Sweden.