PORR wins third major tender in Qatar: Trackworks for the Qatar integrated railway project/METRO PHASE 1 system awarded to PORR by MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD.

With a product life of at least 60 years, PORR’s Slab Track Austria technology – developed in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Railways – offers unique benefits. SLAB TRACK AUSTRIA | © PORR

Vienna, 5 November 2015 – While PORR is driving ahead with the construction of the Green Line of the Doha Metro, with works proceeding according to plan and to the satisfaction of its client, Qatar Railways Company, PORR has now also been entrusted with laying the Slab Track Austria System in the state of Qatar. The client is a consortium led by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., which has been charged with implementing the system technology by the Qatar Railway Company. 
The works, on a Manufacture, Supply and Install basis, comprise the track slabs for the Green, Red and Gold Lines. The project will be realised by PORR Bau GmbH in cooperation with its local subsidiary PORR Qatar Construction W.L.L. 
The track will be laid in total as part of the Doha project for the individual metro lines. The contract works will be executed in two main stages, the preparation & production of the slab track elements and the installation of the track bed. In order to achieve the construction period, it will be necessary for multiple teams working in shifts to install the prefabricated superstructure for the main tracks including the turnouts.   
Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR, is delighted that the clients in Qatar are convinced about this unique technology for track works: “The PORR Slab Track System is perfect to meet the demand also on Long Distance and Freight railway projects in Qatar, Oman, UAE and KSA where PORR has established offices. Further on PORR Slab Track has many advantages for the challenging conditions experienced in the region and is easy to maintain.” 
Since 1989 PORR has produced and installed the Slab Track System successfully and has an im-pressive track record in Europe.
About Slab Track Austria
Developed by PORR together with the Austrian Federal Railways, this Slab Track Austria technology is a trailblazing track system which has already been tried and tested multiple times. The ballast-free slab track system is based on a modular, adjustable slab track system which meets the most stringent demands of railway construction. The quality of the carefully conceived components and the entire system has gained Slab Track Austria an international reputation as a top class product. Since it was first installed in 1989 the system has proven to be practically maintenance-free. In contrast to switches and rails that require maintenance, it has never yet been necessary to replace the slabs for reasons of quality or system failure, even though they are easily replaceable if need be. The system has a planned life of at least 60 years.
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